Donning and Doffing PPE


Please take a moment and familiarise / refresh the correct sequence for Don (put on) & Doff (take off), your personal protective equipment (PPE).
Attached is a video link which demonstrates the correct sequence and is easy to follow and understand.
**NEW STARTERS: who are yet to be assessed in Donning and Doffing, please alert your Team Leader / Manager and we will book in a time to get this done.

View Video via this link:[0]=AT05G6VKeLG7jBJlsYZtVGyzL6un-75q2-wpKmh-6ZTCQ-i7lyvAeCIQdUbdUJEh9i8qod67YK0U_-QhO73_zKLmwm0IkTMI4S9hbNx7nT0MMd_DOq-8dJJiTfhCvxabqRd6fr7Ni_Hh_ds7ynrkSK7M7yCFnHXkCPb_QJ6TOujCa_LO9mVJAnXWli5EFj19_2Yyt3qYyS-2PHPfBdXKRZypxhq4HduiQNOG4CH7

Interpreting Basic Pathology Results

A typical blood test will aid in diagnosis, screening, evaluate prognosis and monitor interventions or disease progress.  This package is about quickly navigating test results rather than a review of biochemistry. As the field of pathology is so broad, we have only selected the test results that you are most likely to encounter on a regular basis. A reference range, which defines the healthy or normal set of values for a test, has been included and it is advisable to be aware that these results may vary slightly between different laboratories.